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Jeremy Geddes  Melbourne, Australia

'The White Cosmonaut'
Oil on Board
'Cosmonaut 4'
Oil on Board

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About Jeremy

Jeremy Geddes is a photo-realistic painter from Melbourne, Australia. He is widely known for the Cosmonaut series of paintings, and has illustrated for comic book covers, in collaboration with friend Ashley Wood.

Jeremy studied painting at the Victorian College of the Arts and began working full time as a painter in 2003.

Quick facts about Jeremy

Geddess won the Spectrum Gold Award for his cover art for the comic, Doomed.
His children's picture book, "The Mystery of Eilean Mor", was shortlisted for The Aurealis Awards, won The Crichton Award, and was named as one of CBC Notable Books in 2006.

Recommended by our guest curators

Nick Patten

Hudson, NY artist

"Jeremy is the only painter in my selection whose work I have not seen in person but I had to include him because his images are so extraordinary. From the single bird appearing out of a rich black background to a young girl in flight having exploded (it seems) through a wall, his images are flawless and extremely compelling. He is another painter who takes no shortcuts to his goal, and although these are paintings that may come from dreams, the reality he presents is timeless."

Megan Lange

Artist / Co-Owner, Robert Lange Studios

"Void, desolate, somber, basically think of any word that means sad, and you’re describing a Jeremy Geddes’ painting. They embody every poem you’ve ever written, every feeling you’ve ever had of being alone, every fear you’ve felt of abandonment and in doing that they are perfect representations of the search for solace, which is essentially the human struggle. By the way, “Perfect Vacuum” is the painting of all paintings ever painted - it’s magnificent."

Michael Ruple

Director, Arcadia Contemporary

"When I think of contemporary narratives in representational painting I immediately go to Jeremy Geddes. With most artists I find they use foreshadowing where the narrative is approaching a climax, that moment right before right before you loose your breath or jump in your seat. Whats unique about Jeremy's work is I am left having to work backwards as he has fearlessly put you right at the apex of the curve in that moment you gasp and do not know how or where this started. Coupled with his flawless draftsmanship and technique"

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'Spaced Out'


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"kind of strange but interesting"

"2nd 1 sorta scares me :("

"Reminds me of Phil Hale's work.I like it."

"whoa..definitely hardcore.."

"Those aren't photographs? well I'll be! you just put my thoughts into words. pluz they are gritty and illable"

"This is like a satirical reference to the superficial images of saints.Good One!!! This one touches me deep."

"very nice.i think your work is wonderful. i hope this brings you a lot of exposure.good luck sir, may great things happen for you."

"!! those aren't photographs?!! well I'll be!"

"stunning work. at first glance, thought you were a photographer. love the darks and lights."

"Now That is art"

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