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Kevin Townsend  Boston, MA

Chalk drawing on blackboard panels
Chalk drawing on blackboard panels

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About Kevin

Kevin Townsend is a Boston-based artist, educator and former master printer for Hand Print Workshop International. He has taught at MassArt, Monsterrat College of Art, Maine College of Art and Corcoran College of Art + Design. Kevin has been a visiting artist/educator at the ICA Boston and Museum of American Art and has developed curriculum for the ICA, MassArt’s Summer Studios, River Tree Arts and East Brunswick High School.

Kevin explains the work by saying, “Each unfixed chalk line is a tendril of time; temporal, fragile and impermanent— holding sensation, attention and intention. A series of sequential moments represented as mark, are accumulated until structure emerges, mirroring the way a series of cognitions, sensations, minutes and seconds coalesce in our minds into a unified moment- the substance of memory. The process, materials and form of this series evolved as a means of evoking binary oppositions— issues of temporality and permanence, strength and fragility, fullness and emptiness, presence and absence that resonate with our conception of and relationship to our memory.”

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"Thank you for all of the feed back and comments!"

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"Like the contrast and op art effect. Mesmerising piece if hung in the right setting I would think.."

"fine and with class and style"

"I love the ebb and flow of your work."

"Kevin ' work always makes me stop and think."

"WOW!!!! Thanks"

"It is a complex exploration of the most fundamental means of human expression, a mark on a wall."

"I love the quality of your lines the evidence of your hand mixed with the "tendril of time". also enjoy the mix of your text in some of the images I have seen you post on tumblr.keep up the great work."

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