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Joe Immen  Columbus, OH

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The screen prints have a visual structure that is similar to music/ musical notation in how it is divided into rows and cells. You can see it all at once, but the way it is organized invites a sequential or time-based reading. A lot of the pattern-based prints are based on trying to visually convey the kind of simultaneous interaction of instruments and voices that occurs when I listen to recorded music, and comparing printmaking to recorded music.

Lately I have been working on a series of text-based prints (such as “it would be nice if every time you looked at this you thought of something different”) using a similar structure to the pattern-based prints. Using text, I am interested in designing a sequence for a pair of eyes to follow. Most of the phrases start off as spontaneous thoughts that I think would be interesting/ revealing if they were claimed as artwork. I think of them as self-conscious and self-aware artworks that directly address the viewer.

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