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Thomas Wrede  Munster, Germany

'House over the dunes'
'Dari King'

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About Thomas

Thomas Wrede was born in Iserlohn-Letmathe. He studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster from 1985–1991 where he was also teaching years later. In 1991 he was the student of Dieter Appelt in Salzburg and Berlin.

Thomas Wrede’s last series “Real landscapes” are manipulations of landscapes. By adding artificial details into real nature he creates a staged scene that looks authentic at first. For the observer it becomes difficult to see what is actually real and what is unreal. The resemblance to model construction kits is striking. In effect he creates dreamlike scenes of nature or perhaps even nightmares.

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"Wow! Is this a photo?"

"very good"

"This work is captivating. I had to stop and stare at this for a while because I love the feeling the lighting evokes within me. It feels like home, because of my long history of living in deserts."

"Love these and the works on your website. I see the Real Landscapes as hopeful - the feeling of thinking I'm lost and then realizing I'm not lost at all."

"A very beautiful shot. Thank you."

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