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Bri Cirel  Los Angeles, CA

'Her again'
Oil and acrylic
'My eyes'
Oil and acrylic

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About Bri

Painter and video artist Bri Cirel received her Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media from the California College of Arts. Bri is currently building a collection of oil paintings that examines the intersection of visual culture and fine arts, while also pursuing video arts in the form of no budget music videos and time lapsed painting shorts.

Painting out of LA, Bri worked as a resident artist for a movie prop house in Hollywood where she painted decorative works and designed custom set dressings to adorn backdrops.

Bri explains her work by saying, “I’m interested in what artists are making, what they are saying, and what they are not saying. I use text in my paintings to insert narration while utilizing the font’s graphic qualities to visually corrupt and distort images that are repetitious in the art world.”

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