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Fawn Rogers  Los Angeles, CA


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About Fawn

Fawn Rogers is a Los Angeles, CA based photographer who’s “Visible Light” series is comprised of images created by natural light projected through purified water. Each image represents just a few millimeters of light, substantially enlarged. The works are not color enhanced or manipulated.

Fawn describes her work by saying, “Several years ago, during a period of deep depression, I was in a Buddhist monastery in Northern Thailand, where I abstained from reading, writing, or doing anything other than practice to be present. After 30 days of silence, I began to have really fantastic dreams, and dreamt of an entirely new spectrum, filled with different colors than I had ever experienced. When I woke, my feeling of excitement remained. I began to use my eyes in a new way, to experience sight more fully, and could see a profusion of colors in everything around me. I felt as if the exploring child in me, content and full of wonder, became alive again. For several years, I thought about this experience, but was finally inspired to create these pieces after visiting convalescent homes in Los Angeles. Moved by the loneliness and sadness in these places, I remembered those times in my life when I did not want to be alive. I felt inspired to create something bright, serene, and deeply connected to nature. These pieces capture what I found.

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"needs more work."

"it is a spectrum of the rainbow"

"subtle but beautiful"

"This is amazing, it makes me feel something"



"Really amazing work. Looks like this artist also works with Pussy Riot, who I love."

"I saw an installation of hers a few years back called "I Like The Dark, It's Friendly." This new work is really a stunning evolution."

"There's an elegant precision in the ability to capture a viewer's attention - particularly to something the viewer already views constantly without thought - in a way that creates an experience of authenticity, immediacy, and reflection. With regard to the photographic medium, Gilles Deleuze referenced those experiences "which bring the emanicipated senses into direct relation with time and thought... to make time and thought perceptible." I think the implications for that idea, as realized by this artist, are astounding."

"Have you seen her website? HOTTT "

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