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Toni Cogdell  Bristol, UK

'The only way out is through'
Oil on wood
'Take courage'
Oil on wood

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About Toni

Toni Cogdell is a figurative painter living in Bristol, UK.

Toni describes the work by saying, “This journey of making Art shapes the curve of my life, forming a dialogue between myself and the world, both a window and mirror, a continuous lesson on how to live. I’m drawn to the figure, the human form, seeking to capture an essence of physicality yet exploring the body as a vessel for emotions and consciousness, as a chord tying us in to nature and Time. In doing so my work oscillates between the personal and Universal, starting from my own experience and moving outwards with each layer of paint and mark made on canvas, looking to connect moments and cycles we might all share, a constellation of living bodies, lonely and loving. Of fears, faiths and loves. Pulling at our roots, examining and embracing our structuring to find ourselves, in darkness and light, quiet and noise.”

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"love it"

"poignant and sad. it is the face of depression."

"Is Wonderful"


":) misty prayer"

"Great fleshtones, love the suggestion of background/superfluous detail and the beautiful skin tones."

"this artist is really good at what he does.He is so inspiring and he even inspired me."

"soft + beautiful"

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