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Elizabeth Lennie  Toronto, ON, Canada

'Between Water and Love'
Oil on canvas
'Katie Thinks It's Her'
Oil on canvas

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lennie lives in mid-town Toronto, ON, Canada. Her paintings are collected in Canada, the US, UK, Amsterdam, Australia and Japan.

Elizabeth explains the work by saying, “The liquid landscape is fragile and powerful. Water represents a cleansing of the spirit and a source of physical and psychological uncertainty and is a universal symbol of metamorphosis. Working from the anchor of a figurative image the intention is to capture the liminal quality of light. By placing the focus in or upon water I look to infuse the narrative with the radiant nature of luminous energy. I work primarily with oil paint on canvas, layering thin washes with thicker impasto, occasionally working on wood panel and incorporating cold wax and graphite. The work is both abstract and figurative and explores the memory myth of summer. I look to explore notions of self within the resonance of shared memory. This drives me to paint the same image repeatedly, looking for an entry point into the subconscious, occasionally scratching notes into the paint as symbols to carry the work forward. The luminescence of water continues to fascinate me in its three elemental forms.”.

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8 reactions displayed

"This is really lovely. I would put this in my bedroom so I could look at it every single day."

"I love it. There is no earth and there is earth and it is all about the fracturing of light and color."

"cool af"

"i think that this artist was successful in creating contrast with the warm colors of the people and the cool colors of the water, i enjoy the layers of transparency leading up to more opaque."

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