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Brandon Friend  New York, NY

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About Brandon

Natural processes such as growth and decay have greatly influenced my role as creator, observer and intermediary. Collage and the transferring of photographic elements obscure the surface along with veils of paint, producing ambiguous, visually rich subject matter. Each mark on the canvas, whether unintentional or deliberate, forces the painting into a new context that is non-linear and shifting. The emergence of recognizable images or gestures is intended to provoke a sense of familiarity that echoes throughout the paintings.

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"Nice work, it is reminiscent of the pictures I've seen of Litzsky's work."

"It's truly amazing the direction you have gone into. The evolution of your work has always kept me waiting for the next series!! You have paralleled very emotional beginnings with soft calming colors.......amazing!"


"layering is great, nice colors--the schoolroom children almost look like ghosts from a long-gone time."

"I think Brandon has a bright future ahead of him! Strong work young man."

"I'll say're stellar. congrats."

"Fine area of your life.Will be watching for other areas evolving in your life."

"Terrific art!The soft colors & gentle layers are a very interesting combination with the "serious business" subject matter of the school room & the business man or politician preparing to make a public address. Both settings, the moment before an academic day begins & the moment prior to a public speaking event -- most might associate with anxiety or having ones senses on high alert . . . The pinks & whites over the masculine figures are quite comforting to me--for some reason. They seem to predict & reassure me of a favorable outcome for these individuals. 'Like the line from the well known Beatles tune--"When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me--speaking words of wisdom--Let it Be . . ." I look forward to following your work."

"Wonderful mix of mediums. I love the layered quality of the scene, reflecting the layers we all have in our lives. A day-to-day study for us all."

"The layering almost gives it a dreamy, faraway aspect. I like it!"

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