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Anthony Lister  Brisbane, Australia

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About Anthony

Lister’s work suggest influences from a number of genres, including street art, expressionism, and pop art. It often deals with subject matter from popular culture, reflecting the less glamorous aspects. He occasionally draws from television and such themes as the “misguided role models” that result. He has said that “Australians are raised by Americans on TV” and also that “TV is the contemporary mode of meditation”. Lister’s own children have had a profound impact on the way he creates art; he has been inspired by “watching what [his] own children are watching on tv” and “what they’re bombarded with”. He has often stated that he is not trying to make a statement with his work but to reflect the world around him.

He often has re-occuring themes in his art but probably most famous for his Monkey (Chi-Chi)& Superhero paintings.

Recommended by our guest curators

Dennis Ammann

Owner, 5 Pieces Gallery

"Everything on Anthony Listers work is so unique, he is definitely one of the most defining artists of our time. And Anthony himself is almost as interesting as his art."

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'Super Heroes'





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"Woohoo! Hope they heal quickly! Aside from the fact that they haven??t healed yet, how do you feel about the job this go around?"

"It's wonderful! I enjoy the combination of modernism combined with classic american superheroes."

"I like the way you used the whit space"

"Not really my cup of tea. However, the work is inventive."

"Regarding the paintings here, I like fat batman. It tells a story without words. Art should be like that.I wish they had used the portrait of Anni as Robin for the Google "show". I liked the idea that Robin can be a girl's name and maybe the show would have been different if that had been true. Robin is also smoking a cigarette which feels right as Robin is a rebel. Lister appears to have some disturbing feelings about God and Jesus, but I found them interesting. I think the world may believe that God is just waiting to kill them. If in fact he is the only one who knows the date of your death (as well as all the hairs on your head!). It could be perceived that God is waiting to kill you. I never thought about that. That's good art."

"neat but , you know, fashion will change and i dont see this holding up.but really fun for the time. good stuff."

"totally badass"

"i like this"

"This art is fantastic"

"I see some Ralph Steadman, of Hunter S Thompson fame, influence in there."

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