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Matthieu Bessudo  London, UK

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About Matthieu

Matthieu Bessudo, aka McBess, is French, lives in London and graduated from the art school Supinfocom in 2006. His old school comic style and multi layered subject matter break new ground in animation and illustration circles.

Be sure to check out his animated short with Sigg Jones.

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"I always do crazy things in stores when i'm with my mother. I'm 14, but everyone gets a kick out of it!"

"that's funny! :)"

"Immaculate technique, adolescent content."

"This is so quirky and fun!"

"these are great specificly the first. not much detail on the first but yet there is is just perject. if only i could do THAT good"

"I really don't think so."

"amazing. extremely unique and retro. the black and white fits perfectly. great job."

"Your art is very fascinating and different, I like it a lot."

"really enjoyed the two pieces shown here. the top one has such amazing depiction of light"

"I love it, thanks for sharing"

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