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James Kroner  San Francisco, CA

Oil on panel
'Sound of light'
Oil on panel

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About James

James Kroner grew up in direct opposition to his exterior world. There seemed a stark contrast between his normal suburban lifestyle and all those inner adversities of a troubled youth. The two could not be made to fit together and this gave birth to a need, a need to write. Through years of writing came expression as art form, and this form took on the visual realm when he began painting in 2005. Since then he has obtained an MFA from the Academy of Art SF, won several awards and a scholarship, and has distinguished himself as one of the most striking emerging artists of our time. For him, painting is an attempt to see, to look within.

James explains the work by saying, “Its not just a matter of sitting down to paint a landscape, the landscape is only the jumping-off point from where the artist must search to make a discovery and then the language of the painter can emerge”.

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10 of 12 reactions displayed

"they are a "keeper!""

"Stunning water reflections!"

"looks like today's weather...:)"

"very beautiful"

"dang foggy glasses. how am i supposed to drive like this."

"I like the way he is able to create athmosphere and am impressed with his use of the hill as a blurry focal point"

"love it."

"The 'title unknown' is very beautiful. I like the darkness and the big hill ... combined with the reflections of the headlights."

"This feels very similar to Vancouver in November."

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