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Rodney Weiss  San Francisco, CA

'Salted Jewelry'
Pen & Ink
'Midnight Trail'
Pen & Ink

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About Rodney

About Rodney

Rodney Weiss’ work has a sense of balance reflecting the interconnectedness and interdependence seen in nature and throughout our world. What makes up a flower? When examined under a microscope the very nature of the plant’s structure is revealed. From far away, the whole appears greater than its parts and the details converge to create an entirely different experience. Like the principles of Yin and Yang, these complementary forces come together to form a beautiful flower. Drawing from his own experience, Rodney outlines idiosyncrasies in the world seen through his discerning eye. There is interplay between the extreme details and the bigger picture. This polarity creates many microcosms that he invites you to explore and experience what it represents to you.

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"What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! Thank you so much for selecting me to be the Artist A Day."

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"Cool beans"

"I see truth."

"Precise detailing, but the white patch detracts and is out of "character" with the rest of the piece."

"very nice drawing skills and use of positive and negative space"

"I love Rodney's Work ! Must be seen in person to appreciate the complexities."

"This work is so intricate. Incredible!"

"Your work is amazing Rodney!"


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