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Lissa Bockrath  Cleveland, OH

'The Lorax'
'Beautiful Disaster'

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About Lissa

Lissa Bockrath earned a BFA in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Lissa explains the work by saying, “I start each painting without a preconceived idea of what the final image or end result will be and instead my process becomes a stream of consciousness. Working with the inherent natural elements in the process of painting is what I relish most. The “spontaneous” reactions of the medium inspire me. When I trust my instincts and work intuitively, the images produced are more believable and powerful than anything I could have worked to consciously produce. As an artist I often have moments of complete obsession and over my career the source of that fixation has varied… currently the disastrous images of extreme weather’s impact have flooded my thoughts. The power, inherent beauty and destruction of nature subconsciously inspire this work. Being in tune with my self-conscious has always led me in the right direction with my work and my life. I feel these paintings represent juxtaposition of the Earth’s unparalleled power and domination, and in particular this interrelation with the fragility of man.”

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'Into The Woods'


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"Beautiful representation of a wildfire in the mountains (or at least that's what i see.) Incredible! i especially love the upper right quadrant, where you can see it as birch trees in the distance, or as water trying to put out the fire. Absolutely stunning."

"looks like bon iver album art work an i like it :)"


"i love it so much"

"a mountain forest on fire"

"I love the colors and the way they are blended. This piece is absolutely beautiful! :)"

"there is a mountain in there and a sky that is melting over the fires that burn in the vallery."

"love it"

"love this!"

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