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Sarah Gainer  Lewisburg, PA

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About Sarah

Sarah Gainer was born in New York City but spent most of her life growing up in rural Central Pennsylvania. In her work, Sarah examines the inherent emotional maturity in children and adolescents that is paralleled in adults. She focuses less on intended meaning and more on emotional quality that encourages a range of received meaning from the viewer. Sarah photographs young women and children in introspective, haunting stills which carry implied, subtle narratives.

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"this is the fourth woman under water in a bathtub ive seen on here."

"i really like your work. i hope to be capable of that kind of work soon"

"Thank you for the feedback. To see more current work (not displayed here) please visit sarahgainer.comMany thanks again."

"I see where you are going, but it feels a little to contrived to hit the mark...especially the girl in tub. I don't see any real emotionin her and it almost looks posed. The girl at the fridge is better and a bit more interesting, but also verging on being posed. I wish she were looking into the depths of the fridge and that the light cast onto her features made us wonder about her thoughts and emotions. As an adult, I often catch myself lost in the contents of the fridge."

"The thing I do not get is why we find the simpleness of life today more interesting when interpreted in black and white."

"I love this and have been wanting to click on the link all day long. Thank you for the easy posting process by the way.Obviously the photographer is using real FILM. Thats right people it still exists. ANd what than is the interesting fact on that. One: Tonality. The difference in range from black to while, the value of white and black. two: DETAIL. If you dont get it whats t get, they are not selling you anything. congratulations you have reacted with out intended sales pitch. There is hope for you. The paper towels on the counter. the light from the fridge, her expression her face. LOOK AT THAT CHILD> Brilliant.BIO: did you even read about the artist. SHe is expressing her gratitude towards human being which seem to find it easy to be expressive and intellectual prior to the age of 21 when the human mind of the 21st Century seems to loose its ability to appreciate life.For their lack of understanding of the reality. Death. Its going to happen...snoop around!"

"I like it... Black and white always presents special character and you??ve done a nice job with contrast, lighting and exposure. I'd like to see more of your work Sara, thanks for presenting here. PS: To the earlier comment about not getting it?¦ you miss the point of art in general?¦ you had an emotion of ??not getting it??¦ That??s it?¦ be content with what you got from Sara??s work?¦ and enjoy the art."

"not what I like to see when i get on the computer. not very good either."

"Very interesting photography, keep up the good work!"

"The little girl at the frig is cute. The chic in the tub with the mutz on is a swing and a miss."

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