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Amy Albright  Truro, Cornwall, UK

'Terra drift'
Oil on canvas
'Terra light'
Oil on canvas

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About Amy

Amy Albright is a painter who lives and works in Truro, Cornwall, UK.

Amy explains her work by saying, “I aim to create oil paintings that communicate an intimate view of the intangible and ambiguous patterns and forms in our world. I am inspired by numerous sources; astronomical, satellite and meteorological imagery, as well as my own investigative photographs. I am drawn to underwater light, reflections and particularly the layers in rivers and seas; from the bed to the dancing surface light reflections. My paintings allow glimpses into a world where minute fragments and traces emerge out of deep, luminous, translucent layers of color. I capture elements of chance when painting, with an intuitive response to previous painterly marks; layering, pouring, imprinting, accentuating, methods that seem as organic as the subject itself. I’m interested in the connection between art and science in particular microscopic imagery and its visual connection to the aerial views of our complex world. I am trying to unsettle the viewers’ sense of scale. On the verge between figuration and abstraction, my aim is to communicate a sensitive, intimate view of nature’s constant flux, for the paintings to be ambiguous, giving clues but not completion.”

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"Thanks Lissa Bockrath :)"

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"I'm trying not to see it, but on the left side of what appears to be maybe a tree stump, it looks like there's a penis."

"cool i love the textures"

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