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Michel de Broin  Berlin, Germany

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About Michel de

Born in 1970 in Montreal, Michel de Broin lives and works in Montreal and in Berlin. Through a collection of objects and actions, his works seek to escape the constraining nature of modern Utopian aspirations whilst attempting to reenact them in playful, jesting objects that glorify the referent on the one hand while upstaging it on the other. Drawing on his doubt in the capacity and value of ideas, his sculptural projects seek to put them to the test by literally confronting them with the necessities of reality in assemblage that often troubles the ideas it purports to speak for.

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"this picture is amazing, outstanding, I will like to meet you, love you all people kissess!!"


"amazing! I can't take my eyes off it!"

"Sweet! Extremely creative"

"try walkin' up those stairs! :D i love these!"

"freak'n awesome."


"Clever and amusing. I especially like great encounter and silent scream.Re Andre's comment that the work is boring and has been done before: I would take his comment more seriously if HE had come up with a comment that was original and had at least a little thought or care put into it. It's all to easy to fob off someone's work with the accusation that it's unoriginal. In any case what is with the modern day obsession with the new anyhow??? I for one can find something new and interesting to think about each and every day which in essence is like that last."

"unoriginal. please... display some art that is new and daring. not art that is simply appealing to the eyes. this has been done, it's boring despite that its easy on the eyes.for shame"

"o my god that is awesome specktacular i don't know how to put this its great wonderfull you did a great job keep doing what ever you are doing"

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