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Ron Cavedaschi  Brighton, UK

'Charm Encounter'
Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on Canvas

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About Ron

Ron Cavedaschi is a painter who lives and works in Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

Ron explains the work by saying, “Eclectic and curious I make paintings on the run, rather than pre-think them, which requires courage, looseness and freedom. In common with many artists, the subjects are the paintings; how they’re made and what they feel like, hoping for an emotional response. They seldom contain a conceptual ‘idea’. I enjoy paintings that are experienced directly avoiding the left brain which seems only to be interested in an intellectual gag.”

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"I'm not an expert but this reminds me of a Cy Twombly"

"I like the colours"

"Very impressionistic like, I like it."

"It expresses how he may have felt what your art expresses is what you feel even though you might be hiding that"

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