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Curtis Goldstein  Columbus, OH


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About Curtis

Curtis Goldstein is an artist from Columbus, OH. He earned a BFA from The Ohio State University and an MFA from the University of Cincinnati.

Curtis explains his work by saying, “I resist the temptation to use the latest technology in art, by resorting to basic motions of cutting, tearing, and pasting, guided by intuition and spontaneous perception, yet I submit my practice to the materials offered to me by the industry—and my own consumption. Unlike dada that represented the chaos of post-WWI Europe through collage, I show how the advertising companies’ design strategies cohere, promoting uniformity in modernity––and enable me to paint with fragments of paper and plastic.”

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"I think I know the guy that likes walking on potato farms and eat oreo cookies..."

"nice, warm mess"

"This piece is very cool! I love all the different things that give it so much interesting texture! I LOVE doing mixed media myself~ :)"

"I love gives me the same type of feeling I get when I look at a well composed I Spy challenge. This is personal the feeling has a cool twist of comfortable ambiguity. ;)"

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