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Alex Bradley Cohen  Chicago, IL

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About Alex Bradley

Alex Bradley Cohen was born in Chicago, IL and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Alex explains his work by saying, “My art is an extension of myself. It is everything I see and feel in the world. It is my play, it is my diary, it is my friend. It is a ritual that is part of my existence. My art is narrative. My art is abstract. I go about making art the same way a kid would stroll through the park. I collect visual objects, emotions, ideas, and feelings throughout the day. With this collection of information, I begin to create a narrative for the world around me. I like working in water-based mediums, finding that accessible materials bring me much pleasure. I like painting pictures of my friends, family, sitcoms, and historical events. I also like drawing and playing with ceramics. Through these mediums, I explore abstraction. Abstraction allows for play as well as a new world my narrations can exist in.”

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Alex, your work is beautiful, original and filled with meaning. I love the paintings, installations, and anyTHINGS on your website. Congrats!

I love this work. Its degree of honesty is rare and precious. It made me take another look at Philip Guston. I think I like this better. Thank you, Alex.

Very whimsical and childlike.

made me smile

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