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Imge Ozbilge  Antwerp, Belgium

'The garden of delight'

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About Imge

Imge Özbilge is an illustrator and animator born in Vienna to Turkish parents. She grew up pendling between countries such as Austria Spain Turkey and the US. After studying visual communication design at the Istanbul Bilgi University she decided to continue her journey to the Netherlands and has participated in the Master of Animation program at the AKV St. Joost Academy. Imge’s work is mainly history related, surreal and her multicultural background gives her a different point of view. She considers her self to be an Absurdist. Imge lives and works in Antwerp and Istanbul at the moment and gets her inspiration out of traveling.

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"love it"

"I like the colors. It contrasts the heaviness of being forced tea."

"freakin awesome!!"


"The teapot woman is an overbearing mother feeding you lies and the cacti are your true intentions and the flowers are for your funeral because you choked on the lies and died."

"I love your art. Well done!"

"Beautiful, beautiful work."

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