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Arne Quinze  Brussels, Belgium

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About Arne

Arne Quinze is born in 1971 in Belgium but lives and works in Miami (US) and Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium). In the eighties he started out as a graffiti artist although he didn”t finish an official art eduction. The urge to express himself artistically and to strive for this dates from this period. Quinze creates large and small sculptures, drawings, paintings and large scaled. Smaller works, sketches and drawings are the basis and research for his large installations. In searching himself and optimizing every new idea Quinze is entirely absorbed in his world and creations. Recurring fundamentals in Quinze”s oeuvre are the use of multiple types of wood even refuse wood, electrical colours in fluorescent paint (yellow, orange, black) and themes referring to social interaction, communication, rhythms and the interplay of lines.

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"I saw it, I experienced it, I loved it. The Message Out of the Future was heard. And even though I know it is called Uchronia I can not help but call it the Belgian WaffleI with love. We have missed you out on the playa for the last few years. I hope you come back! Love, Love, Love send your way for the amazing experience you gave all of us that were there."

"This completely reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are. Great work :)"

"This Is Amzamingly Stunning! You Should Have Some Of This At Coachella Valley Music And Art Featable Next Year!:DDAll Years!!You'll Enjoy It."

"Looks alot like Andy Goldsworthy's work"

"This new form of natural art is interesting. I've only found a few who are actually saying different things with their work. It is a new take on art make with found objects. however, when those objects are nature-specific, it can stiffle varincies in first visuals, and 2 voice. At some point, these artists are going to have to have differences in what they are communicating. Quinze seems to be going way beyond furniture design. If a designer wishes to create fine art they -must- separate themselves as artist from designer. This is not to say that as designers, their fine art cannot effect their designs. But, fine art transends design. It seems Quinze has succeeded.Philip, curator, VA/DC"

"I'd like to be under it while with my friend lucy..."

"I think this artist does some of the most incredible work i've seen.....I Love It"


"-speechless- this is amazing. Like my friend(s) say," Art is everlasting," while the other says," Art is a BANG!" which means art never lasts long.(the opposite of the everlsting thingy.)"

"Thats simply amazing. Breath taking!!! Wow just doesn't cut it!!!!"

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