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Jerry Gretzinger  Maple City, MI

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About Jerry

Jerry Gretzinger is a painter who lives and works in Maple City, MI.

Jerry explains his map project by saying, “In the summer of 1963 I began drawing a map of an imaginary city. The work started as a doodle done in the spare time I had while working at a tedious job. I continued to add to that map through the years until, in 1983, I set it aside to put my free time to other use. The Map was stored in the attic of our home in Cold Spring, New York. It gathered dust. My son, Henry, found it one day while rummaging around. He brought it down to me and asked what it was. Seeing it then triggered me to dust it off and continue the project. It now comprises almost 3100 individual eight by ten inch panels. Its execution, in acrylic, marker, colored pencil, ink, collage, and inkjet print on heavy paper, is dictated by the interplay between an elaborate set of rules and randomly generated instructions.”

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"interesting cartography"

"This elegant piece of art is too elegant for the human eye. Good thing I am not a human. Give me all of your cows. -Aliens"

"Love maps as art!"

"The map is inspiring. Just so awesome. The story is really rad, as well."

"Cool beans..."



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