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Alpay Efe  Oberhausen, Germany

'In limbo'
Oil on panel
'Sensory Overload (Stage B)'
Oil on canvas

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About Alpay

Alpay Efe’s body of work focuses primarily on figurative painting with contemporary influences. The intimate renditions of people and objects, infused with references of pop culture and modern zeitgeist, synthesize characteristics of the past with an eye for the present. Realistic in nature, these paintings take on abstractions with vibrant colors and artificial lighting – leaving the result with something almost mystical and open for many interpretations.

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10 reactions displayed

"Amazing shading and depth. Details of a quality that make me feel as though I could feel the cotton of her sleeve, smoothness of the cardboard tube. Her skin tones and blending are amazing and noteworthy. WOW."

"amazing beautiful"

"The work is very competent and rather fun to look at, but I have to express an observation. There was a time when almost every other featured artist utilized big-eyed bobble-headed women in various situations (usually in a forrest or abandoned toolshed wearing something like a tattered wedding dress and, perhaps, holding a weapon or a dead puppy or such). Now it seems the trend has moved to the same provocative scenarios but with models that might be at home in a Victoria's Secret mailer. Am I just being cynical?"

"Beautiful color and lighting"


"Amazing use of value, color, and proportion!!"


"Very nice."

"I love it!!!! :)"

"Love it! The reflected light gives the picture an amazing luminosity (lightest light against darkest dark)."

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