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Cristina Burns  Naples, Italy

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About Cristina

Cristina Burns is a mixed media artist and photographer. She was born in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain (1982), at an early age she moved to Italy with her family. She began her artistic career basing her research on the study of colors, on the world of toys and on hyper contemporary materials, where kaleidoscopic images and enchanted microcosms are elements that affect and stimulate the subconscious of the viewer. She currently lives and works in Naples immersed in a world of candies, little monsters, and toys.

Cristina’s work has been published on Vogue Italia website, Panorama, L’ Espresso Napoletano, and exhibited across Europe and in the USA.

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'Snake Charming'

4 reactions displayed

"Weird! Too happy"

"yech, reminds me of commercializing everything for small children."

"It looks like a mirrored image. No more. No less."

"not my style. To "airy fairy" for me."

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