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Edith LeBeau  Beloeil, QC, Canada

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About Edith

As a young girl Edith developed a fascination for superheroes and villains and we continue to see its influence in her work. The women she paints have a strong look and even if they sometimes don’t seem to know what is going on, there is a strong energy that comes from them. Edith paints these women (superheroes, villains, goddesses, nymphs…) and makes them tell their own story through their expression and the emotion they exude. The story is often blurred to encourage the audience to make it their own.

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"i love both of these photos. the second one is really cool i like the transformation of the sull head and the person together. a weird combination yet a harsh mood to it."

"Your painting are so cool they are pretty but jet kind of scary."

"i absolutely love everything about the top painting. its the kind of painting i instantyl want to buy"

"The top painting is strikingly similar to an image from the movie Titus from 1999. So much so that I clicked on the post to see what the artist's inspiration was. As someone else said, all art is inspired by other art. I just thought it was an interesting similarity.Scroll down to the picture of Lavinia:"

"I like it"

"I waiting.... Still waiting...Okay, I'm waiting to see an artist who actually has something to say. Shock-schlock is as -almost- as shallow as the illustrative "art" that dominates this site. leBeau has the chops to do something, (as do many of the artists on this site - but is as best as I will say, as what they are releasing has little in the way of depth and heart). I don't care if she's had a happy or "sad life". I don't care if her work has been done before or not. Finding a voice is what is needed here. If LeBeau wants a career in the arts she needs to quit the "art therapy" bit, and create something that can go beyond her, beyond the desire to sell something. Right now, her work is best suited may to be be in the design of Hallowe'en costumes. -Philip curator VA/DC"

"What if, Edith was actually painting an Homage to Sylvia Ji? Could that be possible?You know when the word "plagiarism" is thrown around to easily, you tighten the reigns on artistic interpretations, homages, influences and so on. From what I know, Edith never tried to pass this off as a wholly new idea, and she has stated that Sylvia Ji is one of her big influences. One look at her gallery shows, she is a competent painter, and this is just one of her works. Plagiarists generally have little to no ideas of their own. Not the case here."

"tehqnique is gorgeous, I love her expression in the first one it's a powerful image."

" came first: The chicken or the Egg?"

"its beautiful i love the details and i love that you put branches instead of arms"

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