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Mary Syring  San Francisco, CA

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Mary is currently a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA which means she is just getting started so be on the look out for her in the future. Her first book will be coming out this October.

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"Hi Mary!!!beautiful and amazing pics!!!I like it very much!!!"

"Mary you're very talented with the inks. We should have some ink fun under the sun. Congratulations!"

"Mary, you know how much I appreciate your style and truly love some of the other works you have on your site. You have a clear voice and style...keep it up kid!"

"i like it. it is fascinating"

"i've been doing some work recently - using just minimal color - 3, 4 colors max - something intriguing happens - - - a long time ago when i was in school one of the students had his senior thesus "show" - it was all done in oranges and blues - - the boy was color blind and that's all the "color" he saw - - sort of remind me of that - - cheerio///"

"I agree there is a certain sexual undertone to these and they do lack "depth"; however!, for myself when I feel there is a lack of depth it merely means I want more from the art or artist. It's a feeling of "craving" while looking at the piece. As in eating a nice meal but wanting more!I really enjoy the first one and will look for more from this artist!"

"i like the one shown todayit reminds me of a van gough (sp?) that I once saw"

"Mary Syring,You are correct I was not thorough. The "gory" paintings are a series of 6 portraits of vampires and two zombies. I was attracted to them because they are some of your best work but I still don't like the vampire genre. I like the artwork "Night of the Living Dead,"but subjectively, I don't like your two zombies. I am not rejecting you personally. But please be prepared to be misunderstood. The greatest people in the world have been misunderstood. It is painful but it is part of being alive and interacting with people. You can have the last word."

"These have very sexual undertones.They lack depth ans are contrived."

"These are interesting pictures, but I like the ones on her site better. As one person commented, "gory like a horror movie." Those are the ones with a bit of personality and life to them."

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