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Marie-Helene Sirois  Magog, QC, Canada

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About Marie-Helene

Marie-Hélène Sirois was born in Chicoutimi in 1978. She lives and works in Magog. She began her artistic career in 2006, following studies in visual arts, French writing and communication.

Marie’s “Schumann and Wieck’s Symphony”, which allies painting and music, is a celebration of Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck’s life and works and is an illustration of art’s richness and interactivity.

Notorious German composer, Robert Schumann and his wife, virtuoso pianist Clara Wieck, lived a complex and passionate love affair in spite of Clara’s father firm opposition to their union and of Schumann’s later illness. Their relationship is the foundation of four series of paintings through which are represented, as a symphony in four movements, the several periods of their love story.

The first movement, called Le Prélude, counts twelve wood panels measuring 91 cm by 2,13 meters. On every panel is painted a white rose in a different flowering stage. The paintings are united into a single work of art, 11 meters long, where the onlookers can see the entire rose’s life, symbolizing the various phases of a love affair.

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"At first glance the skill level is obviously impressive, however there is something stagnant about hyper realism. However, upon discovering the intentional pairing with music and the rythm and narrative inherent in such a choice, that pushes these pieces past mere technical skill into a much more interesting conceptual realm."

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