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Katerina Belkina  Berlin, Germany

'The Road'

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About Katerina

Russian born artist Katerina Belkina studied at the Art-college of Petrov-Vodkin and the School of Photography in Samara.

Katerina explains the work by saying, “I use myself as a model for my creative discourse. My works is one large statement of the seeking human being. I try to show myself as a distant character in different roles, thus putting my own individuality into perspective, while at the same time addressing the viewer. As a modern creature, the woman is turned into a new heroine in the story which is both recognizable and mysterious. I am well know and understand the nature of women on some very deep level, as an artist I am trying to explore a woman inside me, and accept my weaknesses and fears. Also I explore the space around me, then I’m trying to reconcile my inner feelings with that I see outside, through photography.”

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