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Christoph Schrein  Leipzig, Germany

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About Christoph

Christoph Schrein is a German artist, based in Leipzig. He graduated his studies of Fine Art at the ArtEZ/ Institute of the arts/ Netherlands in 2007. Christoph has developed his own distinctive abstract imagery throughout his artistic work. He modulates oil paint with specially prepared brushes and squeegees on transparent acrylic glass. His monochrome paintings appear to be in flowing motion. The effect is caused by the superposition of wave-shaped, light-reflecting color streams that create a complex illusion of space and depth.

Interested in the way people interpret visual information and extract meaning, Christoph creates images that evoke associative diffusion. His works are an examination of our perception. We tend to categorize what we perceive to navigate day-to-day life. Art has the power to induce visual experiences beyond our predefined concepts.

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"this is fabulous!"

"Fascinating...beautiful...original... would love to see in appropriate dimensions.."

"Such control"

"Brilliant! I love art that makes me wonder "how did they do that?". This work is so full of the illusion amazing light and depth. It's amazing to think it's just oil paint!"

"like it"

"i like this"

":( can't imagine the 3rd dimension, don't feel "the deepness""

"How did he do this??"

"Love it!"


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