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Sam Dougados  Biarritz, France

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About Sam

Sam is a selfmade artist, born in 1976, living in Biarritz, South West of France. He has been materializing his feelings and emotions into art pieces for the last few years. He began by writing, then painting, then sculpting and now he focuses on land art (beach art), environnemental art and installations. When he lost his last job a couple of years ago, he decided to do only what he loves, work for himself, create and express himself in his art work! His influences come from pop art, contemporary art, street art and Mother Nature herself. Most of his work takes its sense and meaning from the outdoors, he installs his work in nature and nature into his work. He likes when nature and art interact together as can be seen in the sculpture “I NEED” where the reflection of the water is as much part of the piece as the installation itself. Most of his artwork lives with its surrounding and may completely disappear with time, this ephemeral aspect increases the way we care about it. Today he focuses on beach art, a kind of graffiti created at low tide on beaches around the world. This work is double as he takes photos of the beach art. Using the different aspects of photography he gives a specific atmosphere, a more poetical reading to the piece. He also works on sculptures, which are mostly installed outside.

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"What patience and precision! And all for an art piece that will get washed away."

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