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Marcus Bowcott  Vancouver, BC, Canada

'Blue Eden'
Oil on canvas
'Cruising Canada'
Oil on canvas

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About Marcus

Marcus Bowcott lives and works in Vancouver Canada as a painter and a sculptor. He earned a Masters of Art degree from the Royal College of Art in London, UK.

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'On The Road'




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"I like the softness of the colors and strokes for such a desolate place and hardness of the vehicle."

"Interesting but if it were a photo I would say it was cropped without thought to composition. Too bad."

"Great work"

"It's pretty and all but somewhat vacuous and unimaginative. I guess if you are stuck behind a truck for a long time it might have some level of value but as art? I think not."

"I really like the postcard Americana effect that Marcus produced with his landscapes as contrasted with their black and white conveyors. The idea of them being painted on vehicles, to me, symbolizes the link of travel between these locales. Very cool."


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