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Alessandra Hogan  Providence, RI

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About Alessandra

Alessandra Hogan is a Printmaking BFA class of ’17 at the Rhode Island School of Design. She was born in New Haven, CT, and aspires to be a professional fine artist. This image is from a larger charcoal series inspired by the fleeting moments in life.

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"Love this. Sort of there-but-not-really look of it... has the mind fill in the picture on its own"

"Dear Alessandra!I would lika to come in contact with you regarding purchasing one of you works. Please email me if interested, Best Regards! Clas"

"Love it."

"I think of Rembrandt and Mauricio Lazansky when I look at these because of the soft focus and obscured faces, the sense of incompleteness. The lack of definition creates a troubling mysteriousness. I like what you're doing."

"i really like your art but i think its a little plain"

"Very Nice. looks very cool with only like two colors"

"nice work"

"i love it"


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