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Nikoo Tarkhani  Tehran, Iran

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About Nikoo

My women have no criteria of womanhood. They’re bald and although they’re naked the feminine organs do not exist. These figures are fading and tearing apart. The look of sorrow and passivity in their faces implies an acceptance of their fate. They don’t belong to any time or any place and still they’re so familiar. The mixture of “Surrealism”, “Expressionism” & “Figurative” styles in these paintings is not something conscious; however these paintings still have the accent on contemporary Art. I believe that ‘post-modernism” in spite of its imperfections is the best way to express the feelings & emotions of today human beings.

In “this is not a woman” I tried to tell my own story: My pain and sorrows, my past & my present. I believe I have created my own vocabulary in these paintings.

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"I see pain in this paintings ..."

"Honey, I adore those two hands that are tearing apart the body, it feels like it,s the hands of artist which is showing me all about inside thoroughly naked and pitiless."

"You obviously see hands as very important- peaceful, passive and gentle-they hold your heart open? Your work is very good and thought provoking. I just had to share?¦."

"Womanhood varies by region, experience, circumstance, tradition, religion & most of all, from person to person.Doesn't freedom come when we stop identifying ourselves by gender & realize our identity as humans?You art does that very thing."

"Weird stuff... Niiiice. I don't know what else to say, but I saw your work and wanted to leave a comment. Good skills."

"It is interesting how the 'the Archetype Mother Goddess' is implied here as recreating a new: 'Sacred Feminine'. The passivity is sobering. The eyes tell much goings on in the inner soul. It is as though each of her females are metaphors of our current crisis in identity of gender. I like her work for its powerful and lucid message: 'Transformation Is Inevitable'."


"good ideas horribly rendered."

"why did you paint something so weird you can tell you are a artist keep up the good work and try painting something more peace full"

"Very creative and i love it"

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