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Dan Ouellette  New York, NY

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About Dan

Born into an era of activism, Hells Angels and mind expanding drugs, Ouellett’s youth was a mixture of old world values and new world sexual intellect. And while the visual indulgence of Catholic church lasted only a brief period it left him notably scarred. He began drawing as a child. He found he could easily entertain classmates with his drawings of grotesque prostitutes rendered nude but for their high-top sneakers. Album cover art was closely scrutinized. Escher, Dali and Moe”bius books were always close at hand. Absurdist/surrealist Super-8 film experiments paralleled his constant illustration efforts. He grew to adore the cinema of Fellini and later to marvel at Lynch└s “Eraserhead.” Rather than pursue a formal education in the fine arts he chose to study the craft of film making. After college he became a production designer working on feature films in New York City. He currently divides his time between art, scriptwriting and film design.

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"I have seen several of this artists drawings a few years back: His drawings are sinister surreal in a sort of liquidgrace: I zould love to see ,ore ,ore ,ore1"

"Not sure why there isn't a comment on this yet, how has it gone unnoticed, pretty bold and high impact. I sat and stared at it for a while. Would imagine it would be have some clout in large format."

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