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Matt Hansel  Brooklyn, NY

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Matt was born in West Virginia. He now Lives and works in Brooklyn after receiving an MFA from the Yale University School of Art. His work has been exhibited throughout New York, Seattle and New Haven, CT.

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100% Noah. That said. I love the genre of atomic explosions and no one got that the first painting is of an atomic explosion. Just look in the reflection in the guys shades, the light through the women's ear.
That said. I believe this artist is not a photographer. A unique and anomalous viewpoint.

My impression of this is that one the first one they've been traveling all night or something of that sort and are looking to achieve their dreams. On the second one is very plain and mysterious but holds no interest for me. Overall good job.

I love the first piece, I am not an expert at analyzing art, but something about that piece just seems to display a lot of mood in my opinion. Great Job!

I love everything about this but the ear. That ruined the whole picture. Everything else was playful and fun.
Lose the ear! Trust me on this one.

move over kincade. this guy is the bestest painter of light. totally!!!

I love your use of color and how tuned in you are with that nervous and yet somehow graceful feeling of youth. Also, the titles, nice.

I absolutely love the way you do things. I was reading previous comments who said it has the appearance that is common among manga artists.-we all know its true im a nut about that kindof stuff-.Anywho, keep up the good work.

This almost seems like Manga but your previous works say otherwise. I truly like your personal style.

Oh my, portraits of me between the ages of 11 & 17. (I didn't smoke however)
The lonely emptiness, outsider, will I, do I want to 'fit in'?
You've captured this masterfully.
But have you not gotten past this yourself?

I like the great use of sunlight. I think the artist successfully conveys that euphoric and confusing time between being childhood and maturity.

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