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Sean Norvet  Los Angeles, CA

'30 minute lunch break'
Oil on panel
'Locals only'
Oil on panel

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About Sean

Sean Norvet is an Artist born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. His work is sometimes explosive, sometimes still, and often mashes up elegant photo-realism with two-dimensional cartoon buffoonery. As urgent and commanding as his images are, he playfully invites viewers in to share the laugh; he doesn’t preach.

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'Smoke Break'


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very good i like it very much. thank you

Sort of a Salvidor Dali looks like you got all the good things in life that end up making you feel crappy...hmmm.

very busy and a Dali piece........will explore it more later.

Dali-like with a bizarre twist! Takes a while to take it in!

Surreal and invites discovery


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