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Matt Bilfield  Los Angeles, CA

5,782 wooden dowels in architectural plywood
'That can be arranged'
2,401 wooden dowels in architectural plywood

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About Matt

Matt Bilfield is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

Matt explains his work by saying, “I’m drawn to specific outlets to express my inner visions. Naturally, graphic design fit the bill when it came to career selection. In the framework of the television graphics I create, I noticed it was always the image that constantly changes as the viewer watches, inactively. In conceptualizing a series of artwork, I wanted to create pieces where the vantage point dictates the image and abundance of color, in turn activating the viewer. Where the television screen has the screen framework as its boundary, I wanted to extend that boundary to the dimensions of the room itself. My idea was that everyone viewing the art gets his or her own unique perspective. I enjoy the challenge of getting the most functional and aesthetic impact out of design simplicity. In creating the subject matter for my work, my goal is to push the amount of emotion I’m able to portray using a methodical medium that forces me to make definitive color placement choices. Often times the placement of only a few pegs can directly affect the overall mood of each piece.”

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"Cool! I love the movement that the various perspectives of the pegs creates. It also gives off a feeling of nostalgia, reminding me of childhood Light Bright fun."

"Interesting art form. I want to know what materials he used."


"love the concept wish the content was more original"

"Absolutely genius. It's anew way of looking at optical illusion! Kudos. It shows that you're a thinker!"

"Love it!"

"Very creative!"

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