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Shin-Young Ahn  Palisades Park, NJ

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About Shin-Young

Serious artists are constantly reinventing themselves, as they strive to achieve an illusive vision of “great art”. Often, world and national events impose an emotional response on the artist, who is otherwise powerless to influence such events. The canvas can become the artist’s vehicle of expression .

I am an artist in transition. In the past, I have attempted to faithfully record my subject, with an emotional response limited only to that subject. In portraiture, for example, the challenge has been to produce a work that reflects my response to the personality of the sitter. But I can no longer ignore the effect that outside events are having on me.

I am now attempting to do paintings that convey my emotional response to such events. It is not always easy to move away from that which you are conformable with to explore a new area. But in life, one needs to progress and let go of the past, in order to achieve something greater. I hope I am worthy of this new challenge.

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"Dear Ahn, Please give me the address of your studio on 39th St. I want to come this Saturday, January 23, 2010 Brenda Apstein"

"love the limb series. unique, clean and realistic. great work!!"

"it makes you look deeper for the emotional state of the piece"

"Shin-Young has grown mightily fast in a short time. First "paying her dues" at the tradition bound Art Students League. Look at the work. Some of you may prefer it. Then like a caterpillar she transforms into a conceptual painter posing objects in front of selected newsstories. Some will think this a regression. I see it as a liberation. Shin-Young is a budding flower."

"This is one that will live forever!!! I love this!"

"I guess you could say you "went out on a limb......" Sorry, couldn't resist. Good stuff. Simple yet revealing of perspective."

"Ah.And within the moment your mind read AH registered it,fired millions of neurons emulating what might entail it,perceived perhaps in your mind's =eye a man smoking a pipe..exhaling AHHH..And within that a Vision. But what vision is portrayed by these pieces? They are nothing from Within they are bad collages of the dtritus which is without! Wake Up of Sleep! Whichever is best..But Dream Imagine .Don't VOMIT"

"I'm drawn to the simplicity and perspective of the limb series. Great work!"

"great rendering ability"

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