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Nimit Malavia  Ottawa, ON, Canada

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About Nimit

With my personal work I am constantly working to develop work that appears honest and true to who I am. In my work, more often than not, the imagery develops from thoughts and ideas that I am intrigued by, usually pertaining to concepts related to the ‘human experience’; from the highs and joy, to the personal struggles and demons. I hope that through my work I am able to grow and gain a better understanding of the world around me, one that I hope I am able to share with others.

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"that's all so gorgeous. love that first one"

"Ghosts and fantasies. This is how the world of innocence functions. Excellent artwork."

"Absolutely fantastic!"

"Ottawa represent!"

"looks more like illustration than fine art"

"Reminds me of Tommy Lee's album Tommyland. Very good."

"Fantastic! Stuff of the soul"

"This is beautiful!"

"wow! my bro side s is cool li"


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