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David Bowen  Duluth, MN

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This system provides light and food in the form of hydroponic solution for the plant. The plant reacts to the device by growing. The device in-turn reacts to the plant by producing a rasterized inkjet drawing of the plant every twenty-four hours. After a new drawing is produced the system scrolls the roll of paper approximately four inches so a new drawing can be produced during the next cycle. This system is allowed two run indefinitely and the final outcome is not predetermined.

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"Art comes in many forms, textures, shapes,and images.I do not think there is anything on the planet that is not an art form. The amber color is visually captivating. I found the shadows on the wall an obvious demonstation of transition and the growth process. The art went from illusitory shadows to reality with the plant growing upward in the present tense. I found it interesting. Coach Joe"

"This is not a new art form, People just don't see it much outside of "the art world".This is a beautiful, elegant piece. Art and science are not far apart; thinking wise...There are many art/scientist and Books called Art and Science."

"you people are so close-minded. "it looks like a science project more than art". Sorry Charlie, this is art I'm sorry it's not a dumb low-brow, illustration style painting full of images of the mario brothers and taxidermy deer and stuff ripped off from juxtapoz magazine. This is a nice piece. It is well made, well documented, sincere, and interesting. I'm sorry if the function does not seem practical to you because it serves no utilitarian function, but you are seeing life and a documentation of life. Art does not have to be entertaining, why don't you go watch batman returns or something."

"this is so cooooollll!!!!!"

"science is art"

"Thank God for David Bowen and his plant drawing machine that serves no proctical purpose. That makes it art. Just the wonder of combinant of science and art."

"I adore clever sciencey art like this."

"i love robots. make friends with them or be assimilated."

"This is made of coolness. I love it."

"This is an amazing design. I think it is beautiful the connection of machine and living thing."

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