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Jim Salvati  West Hills , CA

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About Jim

I see my paintings as a portal into various cultures and different areas of society. I like the connection between people and their culture. The different emotions, gestures,moods, environments, and style of the people in my life and those that I cross paths with, all become part of my storytelling. My paintings are extremely thick and layered, I love how experimental oil allows me to be. I can keep the colors moving until I like what they have done to the piece.

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"Nice Work Jim. Original colors and contrast make for refreshing new look."

"You can definitely tell that the girls in the art pieces come from different parts of the world but it seems as though the first one lives in new york city for some reason and the other lives in a small country town."

"I love these pictures. It is like we are in the picture with the subjects. You can feel what is going on with them.We are always amazed at whatever Jim does. Margie Walker: I am so impressed with your work. They are beautiful."

"I am very impressed with these pictures. Good work."

"Jim, i just love these paintings. As always, whatever you touch is alive. I am always amazed at each project you do."

"His work is very inspiring. I love how the bursh strokes are obvious it makes the painting really stand ."

"Jims work is really amazing!!I wish i can be an awsome painter as he is!"

"I've been an artist 40 of my fifty years and I can honestly say that there has been only a handful of art which conveys such emotion and talent. Thomas stephan"

"I just love your style of painting!! You are a true artist!! The way you capture the light and the subject is captivating. I feel like I understand what your thinking and how you feel through your eye's ... Brillant Jim!! LaRee"

"The texture and the emotion contained in these peices is so amazing!"

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