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Michiel Van Der Born  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About Michiel

I’ve studied graphic and typographic design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and graduated “cum laude” in 2006. Today I’m working in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) as a painter and as a freelance graphic/typographic designer.

In 1995 I’ve started together with Thijs (a.k.a RuweData) and his brother Coen, the Dstruct Collective.
The Dstruct Collective is a collective of musicians, artists en graphic designers who found each other in the electronic music and free party scene. Uptill now de members still work occasionally together.

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8 reactions displayed

"Seems a bit obvious. I like the graphic nature of the work, but i feel like you're beating me over the head with your points, especially the 2nd piece."

"He is reflecting it seems on how society has become more unsafe than ever and the emotional strain on everyone now and days. i like it very raw and out there."

"I absolutely love your art. It is fantastic!"

"While the work is very now and relevent, I have to say the sarcasim of the first comment by "geeimdum" is read loud and clear. Cheers."

"Your art bespeaks reality. Powerful stuff."

"Fun Stuff. Especially 2008 paintings."

"I like your 2008 art. I like the typography series. I liked the shadows in biter."

"wow, street art is so unique. what a breath of fresh air it is to see work that doesn't look anything at all like everything else. good job."

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