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Paulo Jimenez  Miami, Fl

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About Paulo

The career of Paulo Jimenez extends for more than a decade. Illustrator, Muralist, Designer and Fine Art Painter, his talent has been reproduced in books, magazines and publications throughout the country and internationally. Born in Costa Rica, at an early age he moved to Chile where he spent most of his childhood. During his teenage years he moved to Florida, where he created murals and decorative images for private residences and institutions. His work was showcased at the TV show ‘The View” with Barbara Walters, displayed in the three most beautiful homes in the United States.

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"Awsome work,even you can't see the model's face, you canadmire the feminizing art work . Concerning about thedeliberation about the "monitor" . My opinion, as anartist, Paolo Jimenez did it as a contemporaneously touch."

"I have to agree with Huffy that the monitor is out of place, but my concern is not because of its placement contextually, but rather the glowing bright screen is a distraction visually - but maybe that is just what the artist wanted. It creates a tension and maybe there is a message there. I think these are both beautiful."

"Get rid of the monitor, it's out of place. If I want to see a monitor I'll go to work !!!"

"It would be an honor to display this artist's original work in my home. Paulo Jimenez HAS a gift! And I personally thank him for sharing that! There is absolutely nothing to criticize... and MUCH to admire!"

"my main focus was on the nice line of her back and I didn't even notice the monitor until I read comments. Even then the monitor really isn't the main focus of this work... it is the model. Beautiful. Simplicity. Just Beautiful."

"While the works are well done, the placement of the cloth in the first seems too purposeful. It detracts from the simplicity of the piece and the overall feel of solitude. It makes her feel like a posed model instead of a person."

"To critics who don't understand the monitor, I'm sorry. Block it out if you have to, but at least appreciate the talent and technique that goes into these pieces. This isn't your typical dime-a-dozen, fresh out of school artist; this guy's got the knack."

"beautiful! So interesting with the computer monitors. It's like "sweet and sour". great."

"Contrary to other commentators, I like the computer monitor in the second painting; it adds a touch of modernity to a more classical piece. Glowing screens have become such a fixture in the developed world that it is more of a statement to exclude them than include them in backgrounds.I love the softness of these pieces."

"i disagree about the computer screen. obviously it's supposed to represent something because Paulo Jimenez always has so much expression and metaphorical work. the computer/tv screen or whatever it is really makes this picture what it is. the juxtaposition of the old-fashioned and distressed look of the girl with the new-age and brightness of the screen is wonderful"

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