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Ian Francis  Bristol, UK

'A girl commits (fake) suicide with a raygun'
Mixed media on canvas
'A flock of birds either attack a girl or try to stop her falling'
Mixed media on canvas

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About Ian

Ian was born in 1979 and lives and works in Bristol, England. He graduated with honors from the University of the West of England.

Whether you’re initially taken in by the sweeping intensity and fluidity of his brushwork or find yourself caught up in the tales that unfold on his canvases, spending time with Ian Francis as he examines the chasm between the tangible details of the everyday and the Western media’s relentless narratives of sex, death, and celebrity is an all-consuming experience. His paintings, made up of oil, acrylic, ink, and his unique transfer process, at once celebrate and indict the plunder and perils of our contemporary moment, describing a world increasingly made up of spectacle, melodrama, and the expanding acceptance of second hand experience where the consequences of its own machinations flirt perilously on the horizon.

Recommended by our guest curators

Joshua Liner

Owner, Joshua Liner Gallery

"Ian Francis is an incredibly talented painter that I am thrilled to be working with. I love everything about what he does, and love to discuss his process with him, just don't ever expect a short answer from Ian, for anything. He's definitely not a guy who loves to talk about himself, just everything he is doing is really thought out and a lot more planned then one may think. The stories he is telling, the emotion he is capturing in these dramatic works, they really are beautiful snapshots of another world."

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"I like his use of color. Very powerful."

"these are exquisit. I like the various uses of the color red and the nearly translucent figures in your work."

"the same as well a story painting , love it"

"Ian's paintings are strong, dramatic and well-executed. They compel the observer to wonder what the stories are behind them. Great stuff!"

"very interesting. im captivated."


"I love this! We have been educated to believe the use of few primary colors and the blending techique reveals a sort of 'mental turmoil'. This is not the case here and I find it difficult to find words to express the feeling it gives me. One thing is certain: I would love a piece for 'the end' of my upstairs hall."

"Seems like he is taking regular scenes to another level. good job"

"This is so cool! i just saw the first one in the last juxtapos magazine! his interview was awesome. love his stuff. especially the names of them lol."

"Truly moving. These pieces are very well done. Last I checked 'paint smearing' is what children do in kindergarden, this is definitely not that, THIS is fine art. Bravo!"

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