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Brian Kershisnik  Kanosh, UT

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About Brian

Brian T. Kershisnik was born the fourth and last son of excellent parents. Because of his father’s employment as a petroleum geologist, he grew up in Luanda Angola, Bangkok Thailand, Conroe Texas, and Islamabad Pakistan. He graduated from high school early, not because of sterling merit, but because the American Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan was burned and he was evacuated and the seniors graduated. After a year of college at the University of Utah searching in vain for vocation, he served for a time as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denmark. He returned to the USA to study art at Brigham Young University, during which studies he received a grant to study in London for six months. After graduate studies in Austin Texas, he and his young family moved to Kanosh, a very small town in central Utah where he paints and works on his house and studio.

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"i really liked this, for some reason it made me really happy."

"ps it's ok, but I had to laugh"

"I really enjoy your unique way of creating movement."

"Now *this* is awesome! I love it! So much joy and togetherness! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!"

"love it very artistic"

"Beautiful stuff Brian! It's the first time in a long time I've seen a hint of Arthur B. Davies influence in someone. (though that may just be me...)"

"I connect with this....browsing your website is inspiring and encouraging. I am reminded of moments in my life. I am transported to the future. I love it."

"Looks like "big oil" isn't so bad after all ! What a great artist !"

"very mannerist of you. lovely and light!"

"holding a baby, excersizing, riding bikes, reading, socializing, birds, a dog...everything that makes a person feel good. wonderful, happy content in one packaged painting. excellent composition to tie it all together!!!"

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