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Aron Wiesenfeld  San Diego, CA

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About Aron

Aron Wiesenfeld is quickly emerging as a well-known allegorical figurative painter. His work often comprises of figures seemingly caught or lost in some type of over whelming landscape. He is drawn to empty spaces that may seem lonely, but what they are about is the story that’s going on off the pages in the world outside the canvas. It is that back story he is interested in.

Aron says about his work ‘If something is going on behind the surface, people are drawn to it but don’t know why. They’ve connected to something in it. And that is a constant theme through my work, the ability to paint something to suggest something that isn’t shown.”

Recommended by our guest curators

Michael Shapcott

Plainville, CT artist

"There's something about Aron's work that is profoundly haunting. His images stay with me far after I've turned my gaze from them. I am incredibly drawn to the feelings of isolation present in his work and often find myself making up stories for each piece, like trying to recreate a childhood memory or feeling of nostalgia within myself. That beautiful sadness overtakes me in a wonderful way."

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1 comment from the artist

"Thank you so much for the very kind words, I really appreciate it!!!"

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"Fantastic. They are not just realistic paintings, but they are paintings with a mood, emotions, and soul. Love it."

"Moody and thought provoking. I especially like the work on the raincoat."


"nice it looks real=)"

"This is a very talented artsist who knows what she is doing."

"Aron. Really beautiful buddy. Just takes my breath away."

"Stunning, fantastic work...makes me think of Andrew Wyeth yet unique. Keep it up...we want more!!!"

"I was immediately pulled in by the mood of the work and the haunting faces of the people. It definitely inspires the imagination and makes you want to know more about the subject's experience. Beautiful technique as well. Bravo!"

"The first painting is of a girl who is in a chilly environment. This is apparent by her sweater. I then notice that she??s alone. There??s no one around, but there are tracks on the street, which seem to be fresh. There must have been a storm recently and the cars printed wet tire tracks on the roads. Homes in the background also indicate human inhabitant, but they seem somewhat rustic and uninhabitable - like a ghost town. Then I observed the woman??s face. Her gaze seems concentrated on either a thought or a desire. I assume she knows there must be someone around, but she can??t find them. I note that a hopelessly depressed, distraught emotion is expressed by the gray landscape and buildings. I feel like she??s looking for someone to talk to or a soul to listen to. She??s lonely.This is beautiful. It says so much to me. The next illustration looks like a continuation of the first. I like the style and the story that is revealed."

"WOW!! I love this! I agree with Jesse. I actually thought this was photography AND painting!!! You are unequivocally talented!"

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