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Lauren Porter  London, UK

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About Lauren

By using craft as an art form I am provided with rich social and historical connotations crucial to the work I produce. I created a Ferrari because it is instantly recognisable and the opposite of what people expect from something that is knitted. Bringing binary opposites together results in the work becoming appealing to a mixture of audiences. I want as many people as possible to see and enjoy my work- including those who wouldn’t ordinarily go to an art gallery. I enjoy the fact that people leave my exhibits with a smile on their face. I believe that by using an optimistic slant through creativity, it can be significant in portraying deeper meaning.

Photos by Tricia Porter

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"How big is it?"

"Out standing work! I have always told people that my wife could sew very well, now seeing this she has something to shoot for. Tell me, do you have a pattern for a 1968 mustang she could borrow?"

"What an excellent fusion of media and content! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but perhaps the naysayers do not realize that this art is KNITTED! And I thought my knitted 'killer robots' from popular science fiction were a challenge! Neat!"

"I think Lauren Porter's red car art is not creative. Sorry!"

"Congratulation,very nice work."

"AWESOME!!! probably one of the coolest things i've seen in a while."

"this is very coolfor that jim guy you sure not open minded to art if you don't like this"

"It looks like the "talked about" Ferrari cake in a South Park episode."

"Dude, that is so freakin AWESOME! I cant believe it's knitted. So creative, you just made my night :)"

"Awesome? Maybe, to some. Valuable art? Probably not. Sorry, worst I've seen on in days."

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