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Phil Delisle  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Phil

I am a conceptual painter specializing in works which explore the process of making art. My interest is investigating the role of the artist and the purpose of the activities in which we engage.

Over the past few years, my works have included paintings whose subject matter is the process of painting itself. These works are vignettes or windows into the artist’s experience. They examine seemingly unimportant moments such as the washing of a brush or the masking of a slide and re-contextualize them as the focal point. In this way, the process becomes the subject, as does the act of documenting those processes. My intention is to carefully observe my own artistic activities, to reflect on them and to gain insights through making paintings about them.

The works in my current suite are paintings of art gallery scenes with my paintings on the walls. These paintings reference their own status as painted objects. The works are shown both in the process of creation and as exhibited works. I have also begun to build up many layers of paintings within paintings. I do all of this with the intention of investigating the boundaries and definitions of process, subject and creator.

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"Hmmm, an artist painting a roomful of paintings of him painting? Very inventive."

"Yo this shit is off the hooki love the shading and stuffvery talented."

"I like these quite a bit. Unfortunately, talking about art and talking about your own art especially, is a great evil which sticks to the ass of art. I need to go back and remove all comments aside from size and medium from my stuff. That Roger Sadler guy needs to tone it down a bit, the textbook tone is deafening, although I agree with some of what I gather from his comments."

"Phil I am inspired by these pieces to procrastinate less.Very interesting."

"although i enjoy looking at these, it feels like he had ran out of ideas. pondering around his office, studio, or whatever, he saw himself at work and, "well, might as well." sorry for judging"

"Clever, cute, interesting, fun, well-crafted, nice to view and ponder. If you can't find joy in this work, then, I'm sure people don't find much joy in you :)"

"just look and enjoy. made me smile. good color too. thanks"

"Interesting play on perspective, though I would've liked to be a bit more confused."

"I do see a bit of light humor in Mr. Delisle's artwork, but I don't think Mr. Delisle's motives is to make us chuckle. He's merely painting himself doing every day work in his studio. It's an experience to create, so Mr. Delisle is giving us a chance to witness himself experiencing the process of creation. Painting is a great method of documentary, and I'm glad Mr. Delisle records himself creating in these paintings. His work reminds me of my work and my passions as much as his work allows me to appreciate Mr. Delisle more."

"at least he's not doing pictures of grocery carts sitting on mounds of dirt..."

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