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Ryohei Hase  Tokyo, Japan

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About Ryohei

These disturbingly beautiful portfolio of Ryohei Hase is comprised of very dark artworks, each with meticulous structure hidden inside what are seemingly chaotic images that aren’t random by any means. Most of his works are fantasy art, which he says is his strongest area of artistry. In addition to his digital fine art pieces he also has several cd, game and magazine credits to his name.

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"awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what does it represent"

"very devilish"


"These works are disturbing and yet very compelling. The blending of colors is flawless and the highlights are very well done. My compliments to Hase for providing an example of superior digital art!"

"Good at what you do. I find the whole genre/method to be rather corny and generic though."

"inexplicably brilliant. I find the first piece to be chaotic and eye binding with its trickery of human bodies and heads of wolves. It leads the eye throughout the piece. Strong language in your artwork great job very impressed!"

"I like it but yo tell u how much i like it is irrevoccably impossible"

"Goth and violence are not my taste, but I can see the beauty, the talent, and professionalism."

"I could look this work all day.It has a little of everything. Brilliants, darkness, beauty,etc."

"LOVE IT!!!!!!!!"

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